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Buy a The Sims 4 Discover University Code and activate the expansion pack (DLC) on Origin. You will receive the gamekey within 15 minutes via e-mail and start the highspeed download on Origin (Client by Electronic Arts). You can simply activate the The Sims 4 Discover University CD Key worldwide and pay with US-Dollar and Euro. Have fun!

This game is a LSG or a Life Simulation Game that enables you to control a virtual game character and become part of a distinctive virtual world. This DLC is actually the 8th expansion pack but this one is exceptional! The Create-A-Sim and Buy-and-Build mode features are the two most powerful tools they’ve added. The sims are even smarter, more realistic and with attitude! The emotions, the personality and how the sims moves and reacts is just so realistic. You can be who you want and be with your favorite virtual neighborhood as long as you want. It is in your control!

Buy-and-Build mode – in this feature, you have the option to design your dream house however you want it as easy as drag and pull. Through your room-based build mode, you’ll be able to live your imaginations and make use of your hidden creativeness to layout and design the interior and exterior of your sims‘ home. You can even add a pool or a basement easily!

Activate DLC Discover University CD Key on Origin

Step by step guide on how to download the game from Origin. This will help you download and install your game through Origin client by the publisher Electronic Arts.

Before downloading any files, make sure that you already have a The Sims 4 Discover University CD Key. If you still have not paid for any gamekey yet, you can purchase from MMOGA directly from this site.

  1. First off, you need to download the Origin client using this link:
  2. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register at Origin and register an account.
  3. Locate the file you’ve just downloaded and click it twice to start the installation. Please follow the installation guide that will pop up on your screen to avoid error.
  4. Now that you have successfully installed the Origin client, click on the icon that was created on your desktop. Please make sure to read instructions and follow if necessary. If a pop up appear asking to allow access, click on allow and let it open.
  5. Login your account on Origin and start activating your Discover University Code.
  6. For activation process, please see instructions below.
  7. Open your Origin client on your desktop and log in.
  8. Locate the ‚redeem game code‘ button and a blank box will pop up asking for a CD Key that you receive after you successfully ordered it from MMOGA. You can find it within 15 minutes on your email account.
  9. Once you have the Sims 4 Discover University Key, copy it and paste it on the blank box that appeared from your Origin account. Double check to avoid problems on redeeming your gamekey.
  10. Once done entering your key code and successfully entered the correct code, then you’ve activated the code already.
  11. Congratulations! The game is now added on your Origin library.
  12. Now you can download the game in highspeed and start playing the game in minutes.

Note: For some of you who have a bit slow Internet connection, finishing the download will take a bit some time so just be patient and wait for it to finish then you can start the game. Enjoy the deal and have fun with your new game!

What you get with a Sims 4 Discover University Code

The official description of this expansion pack is about discovering the new world called Britechester. This world is a home consists of two rival universities: named Britechester and the Foxbury Institute.

  1. Britechester is one of the universities introduced in the new DLC.
  2. Foxbury Institute is the rival school Britechester. Foxbury Institute is know to be a modern university because of the modern campus and facilities.

What’s with these two Universities on Britechester World? To what school are you going to entrust your education in college? The decision is yours to make. But before that, let’s see what they got and how they’re going to fit your education goals.


  • Known to be a legendary school that teaches until now; with nearly a millennium of history and tradition.
  • The univ. was first built as a Private Academy for vocationing royal families.
  • The univ. has kept a treasure of information about the original details of the building and few of Princess Cordelia’s designs with the building that she helped with and the number of diary collections about her staying near a vast Kingdom that was shown on one of her paintings. As for where she came from, it is currently unknown.
  • The univ. aim is to mold their students to be a well-rounded and upstanding sims.

Foxbury Institute

  • Established as a premier place of higher learning.
  • Langraab Family was the known sponsor of the Institute. Helping the school by giving donations generously.
  • Foxbury Institute has the most modernized equipment and lab facilities to be used for the student’s school activities.
  • Their goal is to teach their students to aim high and dream big. The school is set out for the future generations on sims.

What do you think would be the best univ. for you? The choice is yours to pick. Would you be in the Univ. of Britechester where ‚The English Simmer‚, a sims player who tweeted about her enrollment in the university and have officially received a certification of acceptance in joining the community. Or would you choose to be on the Foxbury Institute with another sims player, DrGhoulon, who tweeted about his official enrollment in the institute. But then again, the choice is yours! Pick the best one for you.

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