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About Monster Hunter World Iceborne is developed by Capcom. This is a paid DLC expansion for Monster Hunter World game and it requires the main game to be downloaded before you can start the game.

It’s actually the first massive expansion for MHW and said to be the last, as per the producer of Capcom, Ryozo Tsujimoto, In his video interview with Game Informer. So, MHW Iceborne will be officially released on Steam this coming January 9, 2020. Don’t miss ordering your Monster Hunter World Iceborne CD Key or MHW DLC expansion.

The Monster Hunter World has been Capcom’s best-selling game for over a year and half now. Sold out 12 million copies already world wide. Wow! That’s an ultimate success I can say personally! There are already tons of PC gamers awaiting for the release of this huge dlc expansion of MHW this coming Jan 09, 2020 because of exciting features that Iceborne has than the rest of the DLC. Though the size of the game is as big as the main game, they can’t stop the excitement of getting on the release and start the official game on coming release date. That’s how I observe through feedbacks from gamers on social media and huge game forums online. Most of them even preordered and / or buy Monster Hunter World Iceborne CD Key so they get it cheaper plus some virtual bonuses after the MHW DLC expansion and the Monster Hunter World (main game) is successfully installed and downloaded, you’ll then have the beginner’s freebie when the game has started.


  1. Summary details
  2. Information about Monster Hunter World Iceborne
  3. Best features for MHW Iceborne
  4. List of Large monsters in Hoarfrost Reach region (Cold Locale)
  5. List of SMALL Monsters Hoarfrost Reach region (Cold Locale)
  6. [Before] Changes on skills: (Agitator)
  7. [Now] Updated Agitator Skills
  8. Updated – Critical Eye Affinity Rate
  9. Heroic Attack and Defense Skills Update
  10. Updated Weakness Exploit Skills Affinity Rate (wounded)
  11. Update: Maximum Might
  12. Other Skill Changes
  13. Steam: Register and download with MHW Iceborne Key

Information about Monster Hunter World Iceborne

  • Developed and Published by Capcom
  • Release dates: Jan. 9, 2020 (PC)
  • Platforms: Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Mode: Single-Player and Multiplayer
  • Genre: Adventure
  • MT Framework Engine
  • DLC Expansion (Downloadable Content)

Best features for MHW Iceborne are listed below:

  • Hoarfrost Reach – a new location found in MHW Iceborne expansion. A Frosty land where ferocious monsters are no located and hunting experience will be more exciting and challenging here.
  • Master Rank – A Higher level of difficulty, a tier of quests and mobs that has elevated their strengths to a fiercer one.
  • Clutch and Claw – This is a new item that can be used for slingers as an upgrade. From ordinary slinger to an extra ordinary support weapon that will let you control the direction of a monster and weaken it while you do the attack.
  • New and Existing Monsters – As a true blooded Monster Hunter World gamer, all you wanted for sure are more monsters. In Iceborne expansion, expect new and many more monsters. There may be existing ones but never underestimate the level of their strength because this time, they’re even smarter and mightier. They’ve also upgraded their power and will to defeat you so be ready with it.

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Now let’s take a look at the complete lists of monsters in Hoarfrost Reach land MHW Iceborne expansion.

List of Large monsters in Hoarfrost Reach region (Cold Locale)

  • Banbaro – Some says it’s a mad moose. Well this monster is a large one, with two gigantic horns. This mob is a Brute Wyverns species.
  • Barioth – this monster is a Flying Wyverns do physical and elemental damage to hunters. They move and do rapid attacks and shoot outs tremendous blast of chilled wind that inflicts ice blight to hunters. So you better wear warming decorations for resistance.
  • Beotodus – a Piscine Wyvern species. A shark-looking monster who uses its fin and head to attack hunters and usually swims through the snow.
  • Fulgur Anjanath – a Brute Wyverns species that spits thunderblight when you’re closer. Though this monster do mainly physical damage, when it got out of control, it’ll do multiple thunderblight and can cause more elemental damage than physical so make sure you’re on your all out thunderblight resistance armor and decorations to defeat this monster.
  • Shrieking Legiana – A family of Flying Wyverns. This monster has the ability to freeze the hunter with intensive chills and attacks while in the frozen state.
  • Legiana – a raphinos-eating monster that has huge and wide wings. Its body discharges a chilling wind that will affect the movement of its prey and do its speedy attacks. This mob is weak with poison so you better get this poisoned to defeat it.
  • Tigrex – this is known more as a predator hunting other monsters. A family of Flying Wyverns that has extreme power attacks. This monster is immune to fire. It also has an amazing roaring ability when prey is in close range because it inflicts damage to it.
  • Velkhana – known to be the Ice Dragon and the Elder dragon. The main cast in Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion. This is the newly added monster for this sequel and has it has legendary tales behind them. This mob has the ability to freeze both monsters and hunters that appears on his path and is able to control temperature.
  • Savage Deviljho – a Brute Wyvern species. A hungry and mad monster that eats anything he sees on his way, either be another monsters  or hunters. So if you aint ready to face him yet, try not to appear in his vision.

List of SMALL Monsters Hoarfrost Reach region (Cold Locale)

  • Cortos
  • Popo
  • Wulg
  • Anteka
  • Boaboa (Grimalkyne Tribes)

A new TailRaiders as transportation. In MHW Iceborne, you’ll be able to ride a tailraider monsters to go across the maps, this will help you reach your hunting destination quicker. To be able to do this, the tailraider should be summoned by tailraider signals that can be found in your inventory.

[Before] Changes on skills: (Agitator)

  • Level 1 – attack +4 / affinity 3%
  • Level 2 – attack +8 / affinity 6%
  • Level 3 – attack +12 / affinity 9%
  • Level 4 – attack +16 / affinity 12%
  • Level 5 – attack +20 / affinity 15%

[Now] Updated Agitator Skills

  • Level 1 – attack +4 / affinity 5%
  • Level 2 – attack +8 / affinity 5%
  • Level 3 – attack +12 / affinity 7%
  • Level 4 – attack +16 / affinity 7%
  • Level 5 – attack +20 / affinity 10%

Updated – Critical Eye Affinity Rate

  • 3% > 5%
  • 6% > 10%
  • 10% > 15%
  • 15% > 20%
  • 20% > 25%
  • 25% > 30%
  • 30% > 40%

Heroic Attack and Defense Skills Update

  • Attack 5%, Def +15 > Def +50
  • Atk 10%, Def +20 > Atk 5%, Def +50
  • Atk 15%, Def +25 > Atk 5%, Def +100
  • Atk 20%, Def +30 > Atk 10%, Def +100
  • Atk 30%, Def +40 > Atk 15%, Def +100

Updated Weakness Exploit Skills Affinity Rate (wounded)

  • 15% > 10% (15%)
  • 30% > 15% (30%)
  • 50% > 30% (50%)

Update: Maximum Might

Level 1

  • Aff +10% (when stamina is full)
  •  [Now] Aff +10% (When stamina is full it lasts 5 sec., If not lasts 2 sec.)

Level 2

  • Aff +20% when stamina is full
  • [Now] +20% lasts 5 secs. When stamina is full and 3 secs. If not

Level 3

  • Aff +30% when stamina is full
  • [Now] +30% lasts 5 sec. When stamina is full and 3 sec if not

Level 4

  • N/A
  • [Now] Aff +40% lasts 4 sec. when stamina is full and 4 if not

Level 5

  • N/A
  • [Now] Aff +40% lasts when stamina is all used.

Other Skill Changes

Poison Resistance – when you use this skill, the interval of poison inflicted the character will be extended.

Stun Resistance –  the reduction of time duration has huge change

  • Level 1: from 30% to 60%
  • Level 2: from 60% to 90%

Hunger Resistance – the stamina cap reduction has been updated:

  • Level 1: 30% to 50%
  • Level 2: 60% to 100%

Iron Skin skill – the status of defense down reduced

  • Level 1: from 30% to 50%
  • Level 2: from 60% to 75%

Blight Resistance – all the elemental blights duration will be reduced

  • Level 1: 30% > 50%
  • Level 2: 60% > 75%

Entomologist – carve more items from small insects when slayed.

Tool Specialist Skill – the cool down time reduced.

  • Level 1: 5% > 10%
  • Level 2: 10% > 20%
  • Level 3: 20% > 30%

Stealth – it has been stealthier this time. If you use this skill the monster could hardly recognize you.

Dungmaster – this skill will make the monster leave when it is hit by dung pod.

Blindsider – flash attack’s effective range increases.

Affinity Sliding – the skill effects activated sooner and the duration has been increased.

Poison Duration Up – increased the skill duration

Airborne – Jumping attack has increased from level 1: 10% up to 30%

Item prolonger – this skill will affect some items when it is used such as demon powder, hardshell powder, hot drinks and cold drinks

Critical Status – there will be changes of status when hit critical stage, the abnormal status effect scaling has been improved and updated when some weapons are being in used such as great sword, hammer, hunting horn and heavy bow gun

There are tons of changes and updates on Skills in MHW Iceborne and these are all for the better quality of the gameplay. Though there is only one new skill added, the “Offensive Guard”. When a hunter uses this skill with weapon, it will mostly do more attacks in certain time. This new skill will match with weapons such as lance.

  • Level 1: Attack 5%
  • Level 2: Attack 10%
  • Level 3: Attack 15%

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