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More about Darksiders Genesis

So, it has been so long before we had the official release dates of the game. This time, Strife is surprisingly the main character in Genesis.

Have you ever played Diablo back then? If you do, then this is the gameplay style you’ll experience in Darksiders Genesis, they said. After the review of IGN about how unlikely the game is to Diablo, then what is it? This will be for you to find out! Feeling excited huh? The game will be available on all platforms later this December for PC and Google Stadia and on Valentine’s day next year, February 14,2020, it will be available on Play Station 4, Xbox One and Switch. Perfect game date for video gaming couples, right? You better get your own by Buying Darksiders Genesis key now! You should act fast now before you miss the promo for the game

Last October 22, 2019, IGN posted a review about the final preview of Darksiders Genesis. According to them, “they are excited and hungry for more” about the game and is looking forward for the full version release on December 5 this year. This just mean that this should really be on top of your gamelist 2019 because there is something on this game that you should find out! This could be something of worth! What do you think?

The Game Features

  • Playable character of Stife – for all who doesn’t know, Stife is the 4th and the last horseman who rides the White Horse of the Apocalypse. He is the last one of the Nephilim’s race and the lead protagonist in Darksiders series.
  • The gameplay – The whole gameplay is mostly very similar to the original Darksiders series except for its top-down perspective and the change of genre from hash and slash action adventure to action-adventure role playing game.
  • Two-Player Co-op mode – for the first time in the game franchise, in Genesis prequel, Stife can battle along with the fellow horse rider of the Apocalypse and his brother war! In solo mode, you can either switch off the characters through the game and take the advantage of each character’s special skills and abilities.

Let’s take a deeper look at the latest update of IGN’s final preview of Darksiders Genesis.


According to IGN’s video this game is less like Diablo, even though it’s done in the Diablo style, and plays more like the original Darksiders game. player can choose to play as the lead protagonist of Darksiders One or you can play as his brother, who is making his playable debut in Darksiders Genesis. Each of these characters has unique abilities with weapons and defenses. Both have fantastic melee traits as well so you just have to be smart on how and when to switch characters in every situation.

If you are in a single player mode, you can switch back and forth between the characters, with each one having their own health bar. So if you’re struggling with either Stife or War’s health, you can switch character to any of them so you can move on with the campaign until you reach your mission.

Lots of space and ability for exploration. So while exploring you can collect coins and latch keys to buy or trade for special items. The coins can also be use to buy stuff in Vulgrim’s store including upgrades. The trickster keys could be use to open special doors where the treasure vaults are hidden. From the vaults, you can find a new ammo type for strife or an element that could change War’s charge attack.

If you’re a type of person who loves hunting treasures and explore special items then you have all your time to explore everything in the first level of Genesis. But if you are looking to buy Darksiders Genesis key code game, then Steamkeycode can help you find this ultimate treasure to be able to get and download the game with a Darksiders Genesis CD-Key.

It is also mentioned on the preview that the game has actually no level-ups, no gear and no skill trees. Instead of having the long established way of levelling system, the development of the character is based on the build of your character. To be able to build an undefeated character of either Stife or War, or both of them, you must collect as much Creature Cores as possible. These creature cores will be inputted into the slot of upgrade tree to get the desired core that fits the character. But you have to be careful in choosing the core to upgrade. You should be knowledgeable enough to know which core is the right one for the certain character you want to enhance. Each core as its own category which belongs to Attack, Wrath and Health and every slot are in the same distinction so you could very much slot any core to any slot if you aren’t very kin to the designated core for the specific character build.

The upgrading tree or the system can be very tricky but it’s challenging and promising. That is I think made this game worth exploring. Preorder: Buy Darksiders Genesis key now while you can still avail the big sale promotion!

Darksiders Genesis Limited Edition includes exclusive „The Forbidden Land

THQ Nordic is offering the 2 limited edition of the upcoming game Darksiders Genesis for their ever loyal fans: The Collector’s Edition and The Nephilim Edition.

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Statue
  • Art book
  • Many other goodies

The Nephilim Edition includes:

  • Statue, Art book, lotsa goodies
  • Plus Fully Fledged Dungeon-crawling board game called Darksiders: The Forbidden Land

The Forbidden Land features and original story where 1-5 players can team up for a dungeon-crawling adventure. The players can choose who is for who among the four horseman of the Apocalypse. War, Death, Fury, and Strife have asymmetrical player abilities. The fifth will serve as the game master who will guide the horsemen and strategize for the game plan.

The Forbidden Land includes the following:

  • 61 pre-painted miniatures: War, Death, Fury and Strife
  • 124 tokens
  • 423 pcs cards
  • 36 multi-hex-space modular boards
  • Dice
  • Player boards (4)
  • Campaign book
  • Rule book


  1. Darksiders Genesis (Standard Edition) – $40
  2. Collector’s Edition (included: everything) – Darksiders: The Forbidden Land – $200
  3. Nephilim Edition (board $180) – $380

Note: both editions are available in all platforms except for Google Stadia. Buy Darksiders Genesis key code now and experience the exciting upcoming game with Strife an War.

How to Buy Darksiders Genesis CD-Key? Below are the easy step by step guide.

  1. You can click on the buy button through this page and you will be redirected to the check out page and confirm your payment details.
  2. After confirmation, THQ will email you together with the Darksiders Genesis key within the release day of the game.
  3. You will the download Dark Genesis for free on Steam Network via Steam Official Site.
  4. Congratulations! You can now experience the journey of the 4 brave horsemen to the hell!!

Download the game with a Darksiders Genesis CD-Key on Steam Network. Steam is an online distribution platform for thousands of video games. You can choose games by category – Action, MMO, RPG, Adventure, Simulation and lot more. Download the game of your choice and even join the community where you can gather members that plays the same games as you.

If you don’t have a steam account yet, register from the site by following the guide below.

Steam: Register and download with Darksiders Genesis CD-Key

How to Register an account on Steam?

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  3. Confirm your account with the confirmation link they sent you on mail and start using Steam.

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  5. Launch the steam by clicking on the steam icon on your desktop and wait for the update.
  6. If you’re done with the installation, you can now start it.

How to activate the Darksiders Genesis CD Key on Steam?

  1. Launch the steam client and login your account.
  2. Click on the Game Menu button
  3. And click on the Activate a Product on Steam
  4. Follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the process.

Now that you’ve completed and bought the Darksiders Genesis CD key, you can now enjoy the game when it’s already released.

Since the launching of latest Darksiders game is really hitting up on PC and Stadia, you have to figure out if your PC meets the minimum requirements for this game. If ever you didn’t know yet about the system requirements, just recently, there’s a rise on the recommended specifications on PC. Let’s have a look at both minimum requirements and recommended required specs below.

Have fun with your Darksiders Genesis Key!