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More about Minecraft Dungeons

Be the first to get your own Minecraft Dungeons Code Now! This video game is surprisingly different from the usual minecraft games you played in previous versions. Minecraft Dungeons is more of an Action-RPG game similar to Diablo if you’re familiar with it.

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler game that enables the player to explore randomly-generated dungeons that filled with nasty mobs, puzzle-solving, treasure hunting and lots of exciting features. So gear up quick for this all-out adventure game in minecraft world!

Product Information – Minecraft Dungeons Key Code (Hero Edition) | Windows 10 | Buy Now!

Hero Cape
2 Players Skin
Chicken Pet
2 DLC Pack (coming soon)


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Minecraft Dungeons Features

Dungeon Creepers Hunting – This feature doesn’t have the option to build, craft or detroy blocks. The gameplay of this game is different and exciting specially to those who love adventure role playing game. Find dungeon creepers now battle up!

Multiplayer Mode – You can team up to 4 players and hunt together to fight with the monsters or kill the antagonist Arch-Illagers!

Unique Items and weapon enchantments are all available for you to enhance your character skills and inflict powerful special attacks to enemies.

Be the hero you want to be – Personalize your character with desired skills either to fight with close combat using melee weapon or choose the long ranged attack weapon or become an invincible one, covered with heavy armors and shield and be the tanker of the team.

Epic Overload – Find level treasures through special quests and become the most powerful hero among others ready to take down the boss monster Arch-Illager.

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